12 Jobs disappearing in the next 10 years because of Tech

Alireza Mortazavi
3 min readAug 19, 2021

In this Tech Debate, we will list 12 Jobs that may take a big hit in the next 10 years because of Technology. Automation, AI, quantum computing, Block-chain, and multinational corporations are taking over the global economy, destroying some jobs, while creating new opportunities. The transformation in the industry has also led to a change in skills requirements.

These technologies have brought numerous benefits such as higher productivity, better GDP growth and improved performance, but they have also changed the way we view human workers now.

When computers were introduced to help business processes, many people were skeptical that there would be severe job losses. However, it became part of everyday life, and new categories of jobs emerged. The workforce, however, needed to re-skill and adapt to a different style of working.

For companies looking to save money, the idea of being able to replace a human with a computer and robot is enticing. A robot can work 24/7 with little to no pay or benefits and is often faster than a human with fewer errors. Robots can also be helpful to employees as they can easily do jobs that are repetitive, monotonous, or dangerous and leave interesting jobs to humans.

Over the last few years, robots and computers have made tremendous leaps in their performance and capabilities and have replaced more human jobs.

The drive to replace humans with machines is accelerating as companies struggle to avoid workplace infections of COVID-19 and to keep operating costs low. The US shed around 40 million jobs at the peak of the pandemic, and while some have come back, some will never return. One group of economists estimates that 42% of the jobs lost are gone forever.

This replacement of humans with machines may pick up more speed in coming months as companies move from survival mode to figuring out how to operate while the pandemic drags on. Robots could replace as many as 2 million more workers in manufacturing alone by 2025, according to a recent paper by economists at MIT and Boston University.

Here is the list of jobs and why they are disappearing:

1. Drivers

Why: Autonomous cars and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, aka, Drones

2. Bankers

Why: Fintech apps, Blockchain and DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

3. Accountants and bookkeepers

Why: e-File options, Tax apps, Financial Software as a Service (SaaS)

4. Phone operators, Telemarketers, and Receptionists

Why: Internet Ads and Social Media, voice recognition, speech synthesis and text to speech, combined with AI

5. Cashiers

Why: Self-checkout kiosks or stations, online shopping

6. Travel Agents

Why: Online Reviews and Booking Sites

7. Air traffic controllers and Pilots

Why: Satellite internet, Sensors, Supercomputers and AI, not to mention UAVs

8. Movie theater workers, Actors

Why: Streaming Services, Home theaters, VFX and CGI

9. Warehouse workers, Inventory Managers

Why: RFID, Robots and Autonomous Forklift Machines

10. Stock Traders

Why: Copy Trading, Algorithms and Software Robots

11. Teachers

Why: More students can be packed in online classes, Multimedia Contents, and Computer Graded Tests

12. Coal and oil workers

Why: Solar, Wind Turbines, Geo Thermal, Small Nuclear Reactors

It’s fair to conclude that automation and AI will replace some human jobs, but also that they will make others considerably easier or better for humans and be fundamental in the creation of new ways and means of working altogether. For organizations and their workforces, adapting to the next wave of technologies enthusiastically and efficiently will depend upon training and knowledge accumulation in creating new mixes of skills as well as new skills themselves. Companies need to embrace a redesign of process and a rethink of operations, outputs and opportunities to stay truly competitive, something their people will remain at the heart of, in one way or another.

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Jobs being replaced by Technology