2020 Tech Review, in 7 minutes

Now that we are in 2021, let’s review the year 2020 by looking back at the big tech events and news that changed our life in a year full of surprises and strange things. It was a year like no other. Despite the global health crisis and the urgency of climate change, a lot of people and companies stayed optimistic while facing the challenges.

Now that 2020 is wrapped up, we can review how the power of the people against all the odds helped to reach new milestones. Some of these tech trends will continue in 2021 and we are looking forward to new break through and positive changes in people’s life.

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00:00 Intro

00:21 5G conspiracy theories

00:32 Tech CEOs antitrust hearing in Congress

00:43 Stock Market Steep Crash in March

00:54 Using Zoom and MS Teams for remote work and eLearning

01:20 SpaceX launches, successful and failed ones

01:48 XaaS Boom due to lockdowns, Everything as a Service

01:58 Twitter Hack

02:08 Among Us and Gaming boom in lockdown

02:18 TikTok Ban in the US

02:28 New Hardware from AMD, Nvidia

02:49 Nvidia acquiring ARM

03:00 Intel Stock plunge

03:10 Windows XP, 2003 source code leaked

03:20 iPhone12 launch

03:40 Boeing 737 Max Recertifying Flight by FAA

04:18 M1 chip from apple based on ARM

04:33 5nm fabrication

04:45 Sony PS5 launch

04:55 Microsoft Xbox X Series Launch

05:15 Cyberpunk 2077 Launch

05:35 Boston Dynamics Robots dance

06:05 Solarwinds Massive Hack, FireEye

06:22 Queens Deep Fake

06:35 Google multiservice outage

06:45 Mining Rig

06:56 Blockchain Tech Boom

07:18 Stimulus checks from US Gov

07:28 Outro

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