Miss Google Reader? Self-host your own RSS aggregator

A Tiny Tiny solution

I am going to introduce a free, self-hosted web app that you can install yourself using Docker. You can control your own data and protect your privacy instead of relying on other third party services.

How to install

Nowadays there are a lot of self-hosted projects that can be installed using Docker and TTRSS is one of them. TT-RSS images are pushed to Docker Hub and if you have docker installed on your local machine or server, the installation is very simple and this guide can help you get it installed. It requires a little patience, but it’s deceptively easy.


There are some things you won’t get with Tiny Tiny RSS that Google Reader offered. For example, you won’t get such a broad array of third party apps and clients. Sadly, Tiny Tiny RSS can’t be used with your favorite desktop or mobile feed reader like Reeder or NewsPub. Plus, it’s definitely harder to set up than just importing all of your feeds to Feedly. Even so, if you want ultimate control over your news reading, and you want something that’ll never shut down on you, Tiny Tiny RSS Is worth setting up.

Tiny Tiny RSS as Google Reader Alternative — TT-RSS




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Alireza Mortazavi

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