Your time and data are more valuable than an Rpi NAS

The Hardware

Customer 3d printed case for Raspberry Pi Network Attached Storage

The Software

First Steps


Rsync is a command line tool, but there are various Desktop apps in Linux to help you use it in a graphical interface. You can use GRSync or Luckybackup. You can exclude folders and files to prevent temporary files and shared libraries from the transfer. You can use patterns to exclude or include files and folders.


You can also create a DIY NAS with a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. It has a PCI express interface, but you need a carrier board to access it. The pcie port lets you use a hardware Sata or RAID card. You can achieve higher speeds using those cards or create redundant arrays.

Kickstarter Projects

There are also some Raspberry Pi NAS projects mehdion Kickstarter that you can check out. There are also others that are in development and looking for crowd funding.


One of the main advantages of creating a DIY NAS is the cost, especially in home and small business use cases. You can have the boards and the box and also accessories for even less than a 100 boxes. Plus it’s cool to create a network drive with your own design and marking and you can learn new skills along the way, but it’s not going to be as easy as buying a commercial NAS.

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